Lost Gear

Lost was one of the most talked about, analyzed and popular TV shows ever. Myself and other fans of the show spent six seasons trying to solve its many mysteries. This guide will help you solve one mystery...where to find Lost memorabilia for yourself or as a gift for your favorite Lost fan.

Lost: The Complete Collection
Watch (or re-watch) the episodes and decide for yourself how big of a role books played in LOST.

This collection includes all six seasons plus many unique items related to the show. You'll also get three hours of bonus features including behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew of the show.

Lost - The Game
This trivia filled strategy game is a combination board and role playing game. You'll have to work together to survive but someone needs to step up as leader to win. Sound familiar?

Lost: Via Domus - Xbox 360
Become part of the LOST plot in this video game as you play a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 facing challenges and mysteries to find a way off of the island. Available in XBox360, Playstation3 and Windows versions.

Dharma Swan Logo Shirt
A great looking Swan station logo shirt. Also available with other Dharma station logos.

Lost Dharma Station Pennant or Keychain Silver Tone Secret Bottle Opener
This will come in handy to pop open a nice cold bottle of Dharma beer.

Lost Oceanic Airlines VIP ID Badge Prop
Full size, full access VIP badge with Oceanic logo on the front and back. Almost guaranteed to get you through airport security quickly so you can board Flight 815.