Books About LOST

Companion guides to watching LOST
Whether you're watching LOST for the first time or plan to re-watch the entire series, these companion books will add to your understanding and enjoyment of the show.

Lost Encyclopedia
by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry

The comprehensive official guide to all things LOST. Covers the "who" and the "what" of Lost's characters, locations, relationships and more.

Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide
by Nikki Stafford

The first in a very popular series of unofficial guides covering each season of Lost. Finding Lost explores the theories and other interesting details that make LOST so addictive. This edition covers the first and second seasons.

Explore the meanings of LOST
Many books have been written about the meaning of LOST and what we can learn from it. These are among the most highly rated and interesting. They're good for your own reading or as a gift for a LOST fan.

LOST Thought: Leading Thinkers Discuss LOST
by Pearson Moore

A thought provoking collection of essays and discussions by LOST bloggers, authors and literary scholars.

Ultimate Lost and Philosophy: Think Together, Die Alone
by Sharon Kaye and William Irwin

Explores the philosophical questions raised across all six seasons of the show.

Living Lost: Why We're All Stuck on the Island
by J Wood

An exploration of the layers of LOST and how they relate to modern society based on the first two seasons.